Access Tokens with a global food commitment

We have developed a comprehensive system of multiple investments aimed at the promotion of agricultural, livestock and real estate activities, rural tourism, vineyards, wineries and marketing of special products.


Why Choose SOWtoken™?

Let us Introduce Our Project

SOWtoken™ is A NEW DIGITAL CRYPTOCURRENCY with interesting features: it not only facilitates instant sending and receiving money anywhere in the world, completely quickly and at a low cost, but also guarantees the freezing of SOW 31,750,000 SOWtoken™ remaining after its initial pre-sale and subsequent launch on the markets.

Our concept is to limit and make SOWtoken™ an exclusive cryptocurrency for our investors and holders to create a continuous and verified value reaction, consolidating our Blockchain through updated and informed procedures in SOWtoken™ ERC20 (enumeration and simultaneous coding of our tasks).

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This address is for the SOWtoken™ Contract ONLY. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it.

What is SOWtoken™?

Our philosophy of operations is to promote teamwork and personal development by offering, in an easy, intuitive and 100% online way, access to a world previously reserved for a few, through investment options that vary from the participation of real estate businesses, high-altitude vineyards, marketing of special products, up to the exchange and transaction of other cryptocurrencies.

In this sense we can guarantee the integrity, transparency and possibility of having your money immediately, as well as making instant transfers between people and / or businesses at an insignificant cost, all without having to go through third parties such as banks or agencies for sending and exchanging physical money.



SOWtoken™ has the mission of associating an ecosystem of people from all over the world who wish to enter a still emerging market, sharing ideas and efforts in order to meet the challenge of making this cryptocurrency the future investment weapon for freedom, integrity and personal and business financial transparency.


Create our own decentralized investment network, aiming to democratize investments as never before, allowing small and medium investors to maximize the returns on their digital assets in a dynamic, reliable and fully backed by the physical and tangible capital assets that will be acquiring and incorporating the portfolio of Seed of World™ over time.

Programmed Commodities Production







Market Currency From Best Wines


Aerial View of the Production Areas


Anta, Salta -24.662479, -63.448411
It has three facilities to house domestic work personnel, water well, small dam, solar energy. It is completely fenced and has a water source from Juramento River, the largest aquifer reserve in the area.

Geolocalization of the Acquired Agricultural Field

Total Hectares to Acquire in 7 Years

A Word from Our CEO

At Seed of World™ , we are extremely proud of what we have achieved so far and everything we plan to achieve in the near future.

Our team of highly professional and knowledgeable people, who, through their hard work, passion and dedication, are making all this happen.

We believe that today in the global world there is no such a great opportunity as Real Estate and Agriculture because these ones are driving the economy of the global world.

Alejandro Steiner
Chief Executive Officer
Seed of World™

Token Sale

Our Complete Token Sale Information is Given Below in a Brief Detail.


SeedofWorld / SOW



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Accepted Currencies


Token Sale Begins in


$101,800 USD RAISED

BUY NOW 30% OFF Till Jun 30

Stages with Bonuses

Stage I - 2020

Mar 01 to Jun 30
Price: $1 USD
Bonus: 30%

Stage II - 2020

Jul 01 to Aug 31
Price: $1.4 USD
Bonus: 20%

Stage III - 2020

Sep 01 to Dec 31
Price: $1.8 USD
Bonus: 10%


We believe in the method that we will apply: a model that fuses digital financial activity and an old technology such as agriculture, and that in turn generates a new business opportunity applied to investors with high profitability.

Your investment is already secured with a chain of physical and virtual investment methods. The effects are very convenient given the opening to new information markets in direct relation to credit access, as well as the restructuring of a global personal and corporate capital refund program.

The request for a Letter of Reimbursement implies that if an investor acquires 50,000 units of SOWtoken™ for a value of $1.00 USD, they will be frozen until the company achieves the objectives planned and configured in the Investment Plan.

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Our amazing team

Meet our experienced and professional team.

First sample avatar image

Alejandro Steiner

CEO & Founder

Second sample avatar image

Daniel G. Cosenza

IT Professional, Programmer and Digital Designer

Fourth sample avatar image

Victor Schuster

Digital Marketer and Blockchain Consultant

Fifth sample avatar image

Sami Ullah

Seed of World™ Adviser

Fifth sample avatar image

Tom De Hauwere

Seed of World™ Adviser

Fifth sample avatar image

Dandy Setiawan

Global Promoter Asia / Advisor

Fifth sample avatar image

Glory D. Lucas

Global Promoter Asia / Africa / Europe

How to Buy SOWtoken™ and Be Our Partner

Here's all you need to know.

Simply register yourself in our Tokenpanel
Put your ERC20 Address and choose payment currency. After confirmation you will recieve our Tokens.

We are running our proper legal business in Argentina. Our token is utility.

Partnerships and support team.

We orientate our business to:
Self-sufficient people who understand the expected waiting times in the project for its boom.
• People who have the freedom to visit and enjoy all the benefits that this international company offers.
• Collaborate and disseminate the project to people deemed appropriate to add to the SOWtoken™ ecosystem.

Different social channels will connect us and keep us updated in real time about all developments and progress of our project. The developers will always keep in direct contact with investors and potential holders who wish to participate in the project.

The internal ecosystem of Seed of World™ has developed a flexible organizational structure that incorporates people capable of supporting investment projects with a high service vocation. Among the positions we must fill to meet our objectives, are the following:

• System Developers
• Head of Productions
• Real Estate Notary
• Telecommunications Engineers
• Agronomists
• Commercial Administrators
• Account Executives
• Finance Consultant
• Project Management Consultant
• Technician in Natural Resources and Renewable Energies

Some of Our Partners

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